Wine as the most civilized world delight

Summer is on its way. The best time of the year to plan and organize the rest. As we know, alcohol is an inseparable part of rest and relaxation. Moderate and competent alcohol consumption not only creates a good mood, but also is benefits health. For properly valuing and fully enjoying the alcoholic beverage, it should be used in the appropriate temperature, with the right food and right people.

British wine critic Michael Broadbent said that drinking wine with tasty food and good company is the world’s most civilized pleasure. Today, among the proposed variety of alcoholic beverages, choosing the right type of alcohol appropriate to corresponding relaxation becomes more difficult.

For centuries, wine had its stable place on Armenian table. Unfortunately the  culture of proper use of wine, is not much fallowed in Armenia.Wine is an exceptional drink and its has many different types. And the main exception is that the types of wine are different not only with the species, required storage temperature, but also significantly differs with appropriate course type.

Vedi Alco company presents to his customer, in the framework of coming summer vacation, the proper use of the wine.

  • An indispensable part of the summer menu are fruit salads and desserts. With selected dessert dishes can be combined,semisweet wines types that need to present in a temperature of17˚C (±1˚C)
  • But with the a traditional barbque in outdoor picnic itis recommended to drink the wine made ​​from Armenian  “Black Areni” grape type exclusively in temperature 15˚C (±1˚C).  Unlike the dry wines, semisweet wines require special storage conditions(-2˚C – +8˚C), as the presence of sugar makes the wine vulnerable and in the case of improper storage temperature, for a short time they become undrinkable.

In warm weather conditions as a result of improper storage temperature, are known spoilage cases of wine called “Getap Vernashen”,  as the wine is naturally semi-sweet, i.e. does not contain preservatives materials and sugar.

  • To all fish and seafood lovers we advise to complete the taste of the fish with dry white wine. In this category Vedi Alco company offers a new type of wine << Kharji>>, which must be served in temperature 11˚C (±1˚C).

Properly organized vacation full of pleasing and spiced moments, will not only make it interesting but also will serve as an incentive for the whole year.