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Getap Wine Factory


Getap Wine Factory is one of the first wine factories in Armenia. It was founded in 1938 in Getap village of Vayots Dzor region. Originally, the factory was a state-owned enterprise. In the Soviet era, Getap Wine Factory was a raw material processing factory where the spirits and raw materials were delivered to secondary factories to carry out the further processing and bottling operations.

The factory has been developing before the Great Patriotic War and it didn’t stop its operation even during the war. At the end of the war, the vineyards were expanded and the produced wine was sent to Yerevan Wine Factory. In the Soviet period, the annual production capacity of the factory was 6000 tons of grapes. The main products were "Areni" and "Vernashen" wines, which are still produced nowadays.

In 1999, Getap Wine Factory was privatized and included in Vedi Alco company, led by Manvel Ghazaryan. Some of the equipment used at Getap factory has been preserved since Soviet times and with the help of professional staff, it is still used for wine making today. The vineyards occupy about 120 hectares of land, 70 hectares of which are only "Areni", one of the oldest grape varieties.

Some part of the collected grape comes from leased lands. There are dry, semi-sweet and semi-dry wine types in the factory’s production. The factory also offers Enotec, a collection of 60 years old wine which is considered the most successful collection ever.

Thus, Getap Wine Factory currently has mastered the production of white dry wines, which managed to become very popular and loved by everyone in a short time. The production of Getap Wine Factory has earned a number of international awards and high appraises of the consumers even outside Armenia. One of the best wine types of the factory is the legendary "Areni" (since 1945). It is distinguished by intense dark red pearl color, sparkling, barrel and various other flavors. The flavour is rich in unique fruity taste and pleasant tartness. In 1981 "Areni" wine was awarded a Quality Mark, one of the highest qualifications of the Soviet period in the field of winemaking.

Getap Wine Factory was the only one in Armenia to receive that qualification. Moreover, in 1983, "Areni" wine won the "Best Wine" nomination at the "VDNKh (Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy)". In 2000, "Areni" wine was ranked among 1000 best wines in the world in tasting championships held in France. "Areni" wine has truly been loved and appreciated all over the world. The next well-known and favorite wine of the factory is “Getap Vernashen” the label of which includes the portrayal of Spitakavor Monastery located 7 km away from Vernashen City.

Garegin Nzhdeh, a national hero, an ideological leader, a great Armenian general and politician is buried under the walls of this monastery. Next to the portrayal on the label there are written the same words of Nzhdeh which are on his gravestone saying, “Nations that are unwilling to defend their own interests condemn themselves to death."


Vedi Wine Factory


Vedi Wine Factory is located in Ginevet Community, Ararat province. It was established by the government of Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1956 as the wine factory of Vedi district. The construction of Vedi Wine Factory started in 1952 and ended in 1956 with the factory becoming a state enterprise. As a result of the establishment of the factory, the surrounding villages and industries had quickly developed. In 1994, Vedi Wine Factory was privatized by Vedi-Alco CJSC and belongs to it until today.