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One of the pillars of “VEDI ALCO's” successes are the vineyards which, being established and developed since 2000 by “VEDI ALCO,” are located in hilly terrains in the pre-mountainous regions of Vayots Dzor and the Ararat Valley, 800-1600 meters above sea level and are mainly irrigated by clear groundwater coming from the mountains. The beautiful vineyards on these highlands were uncultivated, rocky and deserted fields a decade ago.

From the very beginning, Vedi Alco employees spared no effort to make the rocky and deserted area turn into fruitful gardens, as well as making sure to solve an environmental issue. Thanks to dedication and hard work of these workers, these beautiful vineyards were created.

"Areni" grape variety is the main jewel of Vedi Alco’s vineyards. Vedi Alco’s two legendary wine sorts know as "Areni" and "Getap Vernashen" are made of this grape.

"Areni" grape is one of the oldest grape varieties in the world. This is evidenced by the seed remains of "Areni" grape type found in the vessels of the ancient wine production center known to humanity as "Birds Caves". The age of this wine production center has been estimated to be more than 6,100 years.