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Wine as the Most Civilized Delight in the World

Date: 30/04/2014

Summer is on its way. It’s the best time of the year to plan and organize the holidays. Alcohol is an indispensable companion for leisure and relaxation. Moderate and proper alcohol consumption not only creates a good mood, but also benefits the health. Every alcoholic beverage should be used at the proper temperature, with the right food and the right people to carefully evaluate and fully enjoy the drink.


British wine critic Michael Broadbent stated that drinking wine with delicious food and delightful people is one of the most civilized delights in the world. Today, with the exceptional variety of offerings, it has become quite complicated to choose an alcoholic drink that will be perfect for relaxation, and people often make choices based on others’ preferences rather than following their own wish.


However, in the history of Armenian alcoholic beverages, wine has always been present on the table, but the culture of wine drinking has not been preserved in Armenia. The wine is perhaps an exclusive drink that has many types differing from one another, not only with taste and temperature but also by the right choice of dish.


As summer is approaching, “Vedi Alco” presents its consumers the etiquette of proper wine consumption in summer vacations. Of course, fruit salads and desserts comprise an integral part of summer dishes. These dishes can be combined with dessert wines, which should be served at 17 ° C (± 1 ° C). For the open-air picnic with Armenian barbecue, we recommend using red and dry semi-sweet wine at 15˚C (± 1 ° C) temperature, made from Armenian Black Areni grape.


Unlike dry wine, the semi-dry wine has strict storage conditions (-2˚C to +8˚C) because the sugar content makes the semi-dry wine vulnerable, and in case of the improper choice of temperature conditions, it can become spoiled in a short period. Thus, for example, we often talk to our clients individually, presenting the danger of disqualification of a well known "Getap Vernashen" wine, if kept in the wrong temperature, as well as the risk of not having the exact perception of the flavor if the wine is consumed in the wrong temperature: 15˚C (± 1˚C).


For seafood lovers, we offer to try our dry white wine to enrich the taste. In this category, Vedi Alco offers a new type of dry white wine named "Kharji," which is produced to be served at 11˚C (± 1˚C) temperature. A properly organized holiday, spiced with pleasant and memorable moments, will not only be fun but will also become a stimulus for the whole year.